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Discount Party Supplies

Discount-Party-SuppliesBirthday discount party supplies are a big part of any birthday celebration. Discount Party Supplies has everything you need to help plan your event. Our huge assortment of birthday supplies and party favors make planning your party a breeze! We have an enormous selection of children’s birthday themes for you to choose from!
Our Solid-Color Tableware coordinates beautifully with our party supplies for any type of occasion that you might be planning. We have varying sizes of plates, napkins, bowls and cutlery that come in an array of colors. They are great to keep on hand for those spur-of-the-moment parties and gatherings as well! We also offer the best teenage mutant ninja turtles party supplies and many of the monster high party supplies.

Birthday Party Supplies Guide

One nice idea is a theme party. For example cartoon party. You can buy some despicable me party supplies and throw a great party.

Organizing a birthday party for someone special doesn’t have to be stressful. Planning ahead and picking the perfect discount party supplies is a great way to get a jump on your big day. Our Birthday Planning section, filled with coloring pages, party advice, recipes, activities and more, is here to serve as a helpful guide to all of our visitors.

How Many Is Too Many: Keeping Your Guest List Under Control
Can We Open The Presents Yet?: Keeping The Guest Of Honor Grateful
Play Up Your Pics: Simple Tricks For Party Pics You’ll Be Proud To Show Off
How Many Is Too Many: Keeping Your Guest List Under Control

Discount-Party-SuppliesYou’ve waited very (im)patiently, and now your child is finally old enough to throw a real party! You want to have a huge bash, so you take out your address book and invite the whole block. But, hold on a second here… suddenly you find yourself up to your neck in toddlers, and you’ve become an impromptu babysitter! This is NOT what you had in mind! That is why you need to buy some discount party supplies

You can save yourself a lot of hassle and headache if you take a few things into consideration when you’re choosing who to invite, and who not to.

1. Age: If this is your first birthday party, your son is probably very young, still in the infant to toddler range. If it’s his first birthday, you’ll do yourself a favor by sticking to close family and friends. Your son will be more than pleased with his first experience of birthday cake, and he won’t be old enough to really play games yet anyway. In the two to five year old range, you’ll want to stick to a standard rule: The age of your child, plus one, is how many guests you should invite. You should also both request and expect the parents to stay with their children at your party. Firstly, they make great chaperones, so you can manage your own child without having to worry too much about everyone else’s kids. The parents can also help their kids with any little creative crafts you have set up for them, and will probably have just as much fun as their kids. Children six years and older will most likely be dropped off for the party and then picked up afterward. At this point in their lives they have already been to pre-school or kindergarten, places where they have learned how to play with other children, so it’s okay. So for your kids you need some good mickey mouse birthday party ideas for example.

Discount-Party-Supplies2. Location: If you have a small house and are planning to have your party at home, inviting your son’s entire class goes against common sense. Think about where you will have your guests (In the living room? In the basement? In the back yard?). Base part of your decision on that location, and remember you’ll want most of the action in an area where you can see everyone at once (i.e. don’t have half your guests in your living room and half in the back yard unless you’ve got a few more chaperones). If you want a larger party than your house can hold, find a local building where you can rent a room for a few hours and have the party there instead. If you choose a good location, the only thing important is to buy some discount party supplies.

3. Politics: DO NOT BASE YOUR INVITATIONS ON CLASSROOM / NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS! I cannot stress this enough. People often try to out-party their neighbors’ children, and not only is this immature and selfish, it takes away from your own child’s fun if they’re constantly comparing themselves to everyone else. People often feel the need to invite every child in the neighborhood within the age range (and some who really aren’t within that range), or every kid in their son’s class. If you sincerely feel guilted into inviting your son’s entire class, make sure the invitations require the parents to attend as well, or you’ll have more on your hands than you know what to do with, and things will go downhill.

4. One Helper for Every Six Kids: As mentioned several times before, inviting the parents along as chaperones is helpful, but you can also invite them specifically to help with the party. If you decide to have more children than you think you can handle on your own, invite their parents (or friends or family) to help with the party. Just use the 1:6 rule—one helper for every six kids. They can help run party games and food stations, and they can also help clean up afterward. Remember this kindness on their part, though, and repay it when they’re throwing their own children’s parties.

A little consideration of what’s going into your party will go a long way, so be sure to think about these things when you’re planning your next birthday party. It will go much more smoothly!

Can We Open The Presents Yet?: Keeping The Guest Of Honor Grateful

Your little one is turning two! He’s definitely old enough to really appreciate a party, right? So you’ve invited his friends and family, you’ve got everything set up, and you’re ready to see that bright smile on his face! And you get to see it! Everything’s going wonderfully! Until you go to open the presents.

“I wanted the purple one.” “I already have this.” “Why didn’t I get that? I want it!”

Discount-Party-SuppliesYou couldn’t be more embarrassed, and you try to tell your son, to get him to stop, and suddenly the party has turned into a punishment. He starts crying, and everyone’s uncomfortable.

Actually, we’re going back to a day or two before the party. This is the time when you need to teach your child what it means to be having a party, that he’ll be having guests, getting presents, and how to be polite. First, however, you need to know how to teach him, so that he’ll be more likely to remember.

1. Keep the rules simple. If you try to teach him too much at once, it will go in one ear and out the other. He’ll get frustrated and confused, and you’ll end up with the headache you were trying to avoid. Only teach him one or two rules he has to follow at a time, and over the course of a few days if need be.

2.Turn it into a game! If he’s having fun with it, he’s more likely to remember what you’ve taught him, and he’ll be more likely to use what he’s learned, knowing it will lead to good things.

3.Give gentle reminders. If he’s opening a present and looks like he’s about to make a mistake, remind him quietly, “Remember what we learned about saying thank you?” Something simple like that will set off the light bulb in his head, and he’ll most likely jump right back into the ‘game’ and do the right thing.

4.Give positive feedback. After the party, tell him what a good boy he was for following the rules! If he remembered to thank everyone for their present, tell him what a great job he did! The more you remind him that following these rules makes him a good boy, the more likely it is he’ll continue to follow them!

Now that you know how, here are some things you’ll want to teach him before the party, so that during the party things go much more smoothly.

1.Be a good host and don’t buy too discount party supplies. He needs to learn that although the party is all about him, his guests are there to have a good time with him, and they are part of the party too. Teach him to greet the guests at the door. You can playact this with him ahead of time, and he’ll remember on the actual day. You can also make it his duty to hand out the party favors, both during the party, to activity winners, and at the end of the party. He’ll appreciate your trust in him with these responsibilities, and he’s most likely to do his best to make you proud! Having him help with the thank you notes afterward will also add to his lesson.

2.Be polite. Ahead of the party, use one of his toys to show him how to open presents, one at a time, and always with a big thank you! Show him what you want him to do, and then have him do it. You can make it even more of a game by showing him the right way (thumbs up!) and then the wrong way (thumbs down!), and then having him decide which one you’re doing by giving you the thumbs up or thumbs down. “I already have this one.” THUMBS DOWN! “Thank you so much, I love it!” THUMBS UP! Then, if he starts doing the wrong thing at the party, you can catch his eye with a ‘thumbs down,’ and he’ll remember to do the right thing. Be sure to catch his eye with the ‘thumbs up’ if he does!

These few lessons ahead of time can have a huge impact on the way your child acts on his big day. Give him the chance to do the right thing by teaching it to him ahead of time. You won’t regret it.

Photoshooting Party

We’ve all done it—just taken pictures however we wanted—and gone to look later on to find maybe five or ten good shots among the dozens where people were blurry or missing heads or half out of the frame. Want to make the most of your film? Keep some of this in mind.

1.Got power? At least a day before the party, make sure you either have good batteries or that your digital camera is fully charged. The last thing you want is to get stuck leaving the excitement to buy batteries, or to buy one of those one-time-use cameras if your digital camera dies on you. You’ll also want to make certain you have enough film or room on your memory card to take care of business.

2.Every parent wants their kid to pose for pictures, but the reality is most kids don’t want to stand there being blinded by flashes. You might luck out and get a real smile, but if you shoot candid shots while they’re having fun playing games, you’re much more likely to get a shot that will turn into a memory worth keeping.

Some posed pictures, however, can add to the party and can even be part of the activities. If your theme is princesses or pirates, for example, you can have a group photo of everyone all dressed up and striking their best pose. Another posing possibility is if you hire an entertainer for your party. For example if you have a Spiderman party and you have someone dressed up as Spiderman come and visit. Taking a posed picture of each guest with Spiderman will make a great discount party supplies to send home with them, or to send with the thank you notes.

3.Don’t be afraid to get close! One of the most common mistakes people make is leaving so much room on all sides of the subject that he gets lost in the background. Either use your zoom or walk closer to your ‘photo op’ and snap the picture! Don’t worry about intimidating people or getting in the way, just jump in, get your shot and jump back out again. Besides, kids move around a lot. If you take too much time lining up your shot, you’ll miss whatever it was you were trying to capture.

4.Focus! One-time-use cameras have an autofocus feature, but they only work so well. If you’re using these, try to shoot activities without a lot of movement, or you may end up with blur. If you plan on having a lot of motion-heavy activities, you may want to invest in a more expensive one-time-use camera. You will be more likely to get your shots.

Digital cameras often have the focus directly in the button you use to shoot the picture. If you press the button about halfway down and hear a beep after a second, that was the camera focusing on your subject.

5.Professional photographers tend to go by the ‘rule of thirds,’ and you can too. Look through your camera and divide what you’re seeing into nine equal squares, three lines across and three lines down. When you’re lining up your shot, aim for your subject to be closer to the top third and the left third if they’re looking down to the right. The opposite if they’re looking up and to the left. The idea is to give the subject space to look into. Practice this a few times before the party and see how the quality of the photo improves.

6.Download or develop your pictures as soon as possible! Too many times people have just left their pictures sitting on the camera, or in it, to be accidently deleted or exposed. The sooner you save them somewhere or have them developed, the less chance you have of losing those precious memories.

7.Finally, and most importantly, do something with them! What was the point of taking all those pictures and creating the memories if they’re just going to sit in a corner gathering dust? Make a scrapbook. Put together a photo album. Create a slideshow on your computer and send it to your friends and family. Whatever you do, don’t let all your work go to waste! And dont forget to buy some discount party supplies.

Taking pictures at your party is more than just saving images—it’s making memories. Take pride in your work and put in that extra bit of effort. It’ll be worth it.